INSIDE is a self-development online course created by very well known Mexican motivational speaker and black diamond Mona Vie. Final logo (above) 

The challenge: This online self-development course teaches 5 practical tools to improve any area of your life. The core concept of the course is that you as a human being have everything you need to succeed INSIDE and the course through these 5 tools teaches you how to discover the potential you already have within. Our challenge was to communicate this through the logo and visuals assets.

Solution:  Our first proposal (shown above) is a circle which is a symbol for  wholeness,  It represents the notions of totality,  original perfection, the Self, the infinite, eternity, timelessness and all cyclic movement. Within this circle you see a series of lines that represent human energy and within those lines if you look carefully, you will find the symbols for the 5 tools the course will be teachings (hammer, chisel, brush, heart and breath)
We then created a way to have visitors opt-in by entering the images (pictured below) they found on the logo for an opportunity to win a live conference with the motivational speaker. 
After client feed-back we came back with a more simplified version with only a few magnified lines that symbolize expansion and the 5 dots surrounding the lines symbolizing the 5 tools and course modules. 
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